Review: Bloody Mary, by J.A. Konrath

4/5 stars

Most of this series is a re-read for me. I realized not too long ago that there is a new book coming out, and a book before that which I have never read, so because it has been a couple years since I last read through these books, I am doing a quick re-read of the series to get myself reacquainted with Jack and crew.

My original impression of these books was that they were fantastic, and I still agree with myself that this is a good book. However, I am not as enthralled this time around as I remember being when I first read through the series.

I found myself disliking Jack just a little bit in this book for playing around with Latham like she does. And I find myself disliking in general the references to clothes and shoes and fashion in general. I care not at all what designer Jack or this or that lawyer or cop is wearing. What I care about is the story.

I distinctly remember thinking when I read through these books the first time that Jack was pretty awesome and tough, and a great female protagonist. Now, having read more books in the meantime, I find myself comparing her to other, more awesome, more tough female protagonists, and finding Jack a bit lacking. Which is not to say that Jack is not cool…just that she doesn’t live up to the image that I had in my head from before.

My slight lack of enjoyment has nothing to do with the perceived gore in these books, however, because I agree with the author at the beginning. In no part of the book is there actually outright blood and guts and gore. He gives the perception of all that, but only that. The mind really does fill in the gory details. And, thinking about that, I find that a little bit neat, and a little bit gross all at the same time. The fact that while we’re reading, our brain can so easily fill in details that are not actually put out there. But also, I think I have watched too many slasher films in my lifetime to be able to fill in the gore to the extent that it makes me sick to my stomach. That, and too much Grey’s Anatomy.


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