Review: Dirty Martini, by J.A. Konrath

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

I really like my Kindle editions of these books, because they have introductions by the author in which he talks about the book and what was going on at the time with his writing process and whatnot. In the intro to this one he says that this book will not make the reader “squeamish”. But he also says that he had to “censor” himself so that he didn’t write in the instructions on how to write a bomb. My thoughts on that are that he basically tells the reader how to inject poison into people’s food instead, so only slightly better. And that’s just in this book…

This book may not make the reader squeamish from blood, but let me tell you something…once I started reading this book for the 2nd time (because this is another one that I read several years ago, in a binge similar to what I am doing this time around with them), I remembered in great detail just how squeamish this book made me feel. And I once again feel apprehensive going to the grocery store. Not that I will stop…but it makes one think twice, at least.

I will say, one thing I have learned while reading murder mystery/thrillers is that you cannot live in fear of the things that you read about in these books. These books used to keep me up all night, fearful of the things that I read in them. Then I realized that either I had to stop reading this genre that I truly love to read, or, I would have to learn to stop fearing the things that I was reading, and recognize that it is better to just acknowledge that these things can happen…do happen to people…but life must still be lived.

That still didn’t stop the chills running down my spine at the thought of someone poisoning the food supply at the local grocery store, though…

But…overall, I think that this is one of the strongest books in the series so far, from a second-look stand-point. This book focused perhaps a touch too much on Jack being wishy-washy about Latham AGAIN, but for the most part, it just deals with a solid mystery that is bone-chilling, and even though I had read it before, still kept me turning the pages.


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