Review: The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom

5/5 stars

Time. I was asking for a lot of it these days. I hoped that if I had enough, everything would somehow fall into place.

How many of us actually think about when man started to track time? Or what life may have been like before mankind began doing this? Personally, even after reading this book, it is difficult for me to comprehend a time when days were not broken down into increments based on hours, minutes, and seconds until the next activity or place to go. How nice must it have been to just move through the day without worrying about whether or not one is late? Or without moving through life at a breakneck pace trying to keep up with the race that we must run just to survive in this modern world we live in…based on time.

This book spends a bit of time trying to answer that question. But most of the book is spent dealing with two people who live in modern times…and are trying to keep up with our world’s breakneck pace. And how they deal with the issues that life throws at them…with the help of Father Time.

And, as always in Mitch Albom’s stories, there is a moral to the story, but, again, as always, it is not too in your face, or obnoxious. The moral is presented in a touching, though provoking way that really leaves an impression past the reading of the last pages.

If you have never read any of his books, I definitely recommend this one. If you have, but have never read this one…I still definitely recommend this one. I find Mr. Albom to be an excellent author. He always draws the reader gently into the stories and leaves you with something to think about, and characters that you have fallen in love with. This book was a great pleasure to read.


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