Review: Reunion in Death, by J.D. Robb

4/5 stars

I’m happy to read this book, because it made an honest attempt to break free from the rut that this series has been in for the past few books. Yes, Roarke is once again the target of a bad guy (or, rather, girl), but the rest of the story definitely has its own feel to it. And especially towards the end, it got pretty exciting.

I really liked the addition of Peabody’s parents in this book, as well. It adds more to Peabody as a character, and I found them likable as their own entities. I do wish they had played somewhat bigger roles, though, so that we could have gotten to know them a bit better, and found out even more about Peabody’s history. But this book also really rounded out Peabody’s character more in other ways as well, and she came a long way.

Eve deals with a lot in this book as well. And it’s a very rough ride. A VERY rough ride. I was ready to put the book down for good at one point, because it was getting so intense. This book deals HEAVILY with Eve’s past, so if these things are going to be at all triggering, it may be best to skip this book, or at least read with caution.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, though. Perhaps not the strongest book in the series thus far, but certainly, compared to several of the books before it, a stronger addition to the series.


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