Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I read this book last just a year ago, but this time felt like my first time reading the book. I certainly felt the timelessness that keeps people coming back to this series time and time again, and I really enjoyed this reading the most of any of the times I’ve read it so far.

I’ve seen all the movies for these books, of course. But as is usually the case with books that are turned into movies, there is a lot that was lost when the movie was made. I am in NO way saying that the movies are lacking…just that this book provides so much more detail and magic which would have been impossible to cram into a typical length movie.

I feel like I really dove into the story this time around, and REALLY got to know the characters. And I have more of an appreciation for all of the characters in this series than I ever have before…which is saying quite a lot, because I have always held many of them in quite high esteem.

I am not writing this review to try and sell anyone on this book or this series. I figure, by now you have either read it or not, and are probably pretty decided on why you are not going to if you don’t want to. I am strictly writing this review to share my experience with the book. And I will write reviews for the following books in the Harry Potter series in this same way.


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