Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

What did I just read?!

Well, not exactly JUST…because I needed a couple of hours to process what I had read. The feels in this book kind of knocked me off my feet, to be honest. I had THOUGHT that I knew what to expect as far as upcoming feels, but clearly there are still surprises to be had for me, which is nice to know. Because I like to keep my reviews spoiler-free, I won’t discuss the cause of the feels here, but, in the comments section, I cannot guarantee anything.

I will admit, I was not particularly impressed with Harry for much of this book. He is 15 now, and, well…he pretty much acts like a 15-year-old boy. He acts angsty and like he knows best, and pretty much snaps at people and sulks through the whole book, until I wanted to climb into the book and give him what for. But then, I realized that this has to be the most accurately written book ever, just because ANY kid who is 15 and has kind of always had to fend for themselves is going to act just like that. Between hormones raging, and a ton of issues to work through anyway PLUS the threat of Voldemort at every turn, who wouldn’t be snapping at people and sulking a bit? And after realizing that, I really enjoyed the book a lot more.

I have a feeling that the movie for this book is one that I have seen perhaps only once or twice, because much of the story in this book was “new” to me. This means that either I forgot it completely (which is entirely possible) or it’s not in the movie, and it’s hard to tell where that line is drawn. I am much more familiar with the earlier movies in the series than I am with the later ones, I guess. But, it was really nice to really immerse myself in the story and feel like I was learning all new information, and not be distracted with comparing so much.

I think this is perhaps my second favorite so far of all the books that I have read in the Harry Potter series.


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