Halloween Book Bingo Update #1


So far I have made it through 2 books for my Halloween Bingo card. Considering how much reading I have done this month outside of this Bingo challenge, I feel pretty good about that number. I have a month and a half left in this challenge, and while I have classes due to start on Monday, I will have the bus rides to and from school during which I can read (unless I play Pokemon Go), so I’m not super worried.

The two books I have finished so far, two weeks into this Bingo challenge are:


Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel


Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs

I really enjoyed both of these books. My review for Like Water for Chocolate can be found here. I have not yet reviewed Moon Called, so if/when I do, I will update this post as well with a link.

I have my next two books going right now. I just have been extremely busy with school preparation lately, so unfortunately, not as much time to read as I would like. But, I’d rather be busy than just puttering around the house all day, so it’s been kind of nice.


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