Review: Carrie, by Stephen King

5/5 Black Cats

I was a little bit intimidated by this book going into it, I have to say. Carrie is such a famous story, with a couple movie adaptations now, and even having never seen the movies or read the book before, I knew enough of the story to know that I was in for a scare-fest.

Occasionally, I am disappointed by the lack of scare factor in Mr. King’s books, but definitely not this time around. From about 60% on, Carrie just was one chill after another. Possibly this was aided by the fact that I was reading the book at that point in the dark, alone, at night. There’s definitely something to be said for ambiance. But I don’t think it was just ambiance alone, because while it had taken me a few days to get through the first half (simply due to a lack of time on my part), I stayed up last night to finish up the last half in roughly 2 hours. And the time just flew by. I simply didn’t want to put the book down unresolved.

Such is the magic of Stephen King at his best, I think. Once you are really hooked, you are his until the end.

I must say, this book is not for the faint of heart, though. Carrie is treated quite badly. Especially by her Mother, but also by her fellow students. I’m sure this is not news to anybody, but for myself, having never actually seen the movies or anything, I was not 100% prepared for just how psychotic her Mother really is in this book. Somehow that surprises me, too, because, after all, we’re talking about a character written by Mr. King, and he writes for full effect only, it seems. But the level of insanity her Mother showed was truly alarming at times.

I did rate this 5 out of 5 stars, because I really enjoyed my time with this book. Especially the last half, where it gripped me and wouldn’t let go until the book was done. But the first half is also very good, though heart-wrenching, watching Carrie be treated so poorly.


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