The Brilliance Saga Trilogy, by Marcus Sakey

I finally had time to finish listening to book #3 in this trilogy, Written in Fire, yesterday, and I want to take a couple minutes and just write about how much I enjoyed this trilogy.

I did not give any of the books less than 4 stars, and in fact, I gave the 2nd book, A Better World, 5 stars. And I did listen to the Audible audio books of all three of these books, so I was factoring in my feelings about Luke Daniels’ narration for each of the ratings.

Let me just say that I think Mr. Daniels is a fantastic narrator for thrillers. He narrated these exactly how I would have read them in my head. At a normal pace for most of the book…but then when things got really exciting, he would speed up (not to the point of not being able to be understood, though), and match the action in the book with his tone of voice. He added a sense of urgency to those scenes that REALLY made me want to listen to the books all the time. Like that really good paperback you just don’t want to put down, but you have to because you have real life calling for you.

These books, I believe would be just as good if you didn’t listen to the audiobooks, though. They are full of action, and they do have some romance if you’re so inclined to want that in your thrillers. These are the kind of books that I feel like I would have not wanted to put down had I been reading them as books, and not listening to them.

But more than that, they fit in with our world today in that this trilogy deals with a minority group in the population of the planet called Brilliants, and the people in America are trying to figure out what to do about them, and there are terrorist attacks, and there is a whole government group dedicated to keeping the Brilliants under control. Not TOTALLY like anything that is going on in our world today, but the general theme is very fitting if you like reading very realistic and timely fiction.

Overall, as a trilogy, I give the series 4 out of 5 stars.


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