A Warning and a Recommendation

I just wanted to give all my followers a heads-up that this Tuesday, October 11, I have several reviews scheduled to post, because I somehow managed to request about 4 or 5 books from NetGalley that ALL publish on that same day. I have tried to stagger the post times so that they don’t all just flood out onto your feeds at the same time, so hopefully it won’t be too terrible.

That being said, I have been reading…just not a lot lately that isn’t for NetGalley, and what I have been reading has been getting read fairly slowly. Because I am in school now, my head has been swimming with school stuff, so it’s been hard for me to concentrate on anything else except at night when my body is trained to have that quiet period of time to shut down for the night. I’m definitely glad now that I have done that for myself since I was a child, because it comes in handy now to help me relax before I sleep…otherwise, I think I’d be up all night with medical terminology swimming through my head.

What I most recently read was a book called Beautiful Maids All in a Row, by Jennifer Harlow. I gave it a solid 5 star rating, because this book has a little bit of everything: suspense, humor, hints of romance, and, my favorite, a really neat heroine. She is a little bit imperfect, which I really like, but she also has a side that is stronger than all her challenges, while still keeping it realistic. This is one of the books that is being published on Tuesday, if you’re interested!!!


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