Review: Tick Tock, by Dean Koontz

I read this for the Halloween Bingo Challenge, and it was perfect for Halloween.

While I wasn’t thrilled with how everything just seemed to rush to a conclusion at the end, the part where the rag doll first arrives was pretty tense, and I’ll admit, I slept with my bedside light on for a couple of nights because of this book.

Tommy was my favorite character in this book, and I was on the edge of my seat all the way through the book as the rag doll figure chased him. It really added to the suspense not knowing why the rag doll was chasing him in the first place. I thought of a couple of different theories, and I did guess the right one, but the right one was not the one that I ultimately decided it was, so that was kind of fun.

This is not my favorite of Mr. Koontz’s books, but I did really enjoy reading it. As I said, it rushes to an end a little bit, which I didn’t really like. I felt like it was not as satisfying an ending as I would have liked.


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