Review: The Christmas Joy Ride, by Melody Carlson

This book started out as a wonderful Christmas story. Two women, traveling across the country to the older woman’s new apartment in Phoenix, and spreading Christmas cheer along the way to folks who had entered Christmas Joy’s contest. Joy has a lifetime’s worth of Christmas decorations to pass along to the folks who entered her contest, so they all get packed up in her RV, and she talks Miranda (her next door neighbor, who has fallen on hard times) into going on the road with her to be her traveling companion.

I thought that Miranda and Joy brought Christmas Joy everywhere they went, in their lighted RV, and their stops were wonderful. Except for the last stop, where Miranda chews out Emily’s Dad about his lack of Christmas for the past years for his daughter. Miranda had NO idea what it is like to be a parent – a single parent who has lost a spouse, and she just launches into the man like it is her business to tell him what she thinks. I was extremely irked at that point, and almost put the book down without finishing it.

I did finish it, though, and I’m glad I did, but I never did fully get back my enjoyment of the book the same way that I had been enjoying it before. And I think that with this book, I’m done with Christmas-themed books for the holiday season. Unless I just run across something I can’t stand to miss, anyway.

Overall, not a bad book, but not one I think I would go out of my way to re-read.



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