Review: The Faith McMann Trilogy (the first two books) by TR Ragan

I am reviewing the first two books in the Faith McMann trilogy (titled Furious and Outrage) together because I simply could not formulate a review on book 1 until now, and I just finished book 2, so it simply makes more sense to review them together.

Basically, the premise of this series is that Faith’s husband is murdered, and her son and daughter are kidnapped, and so we follow her struggle to get what is left of her family back from human traffickers.

I gave Furious  4-stars because I found that book to be pretty gripping. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next all the way through, and I really felt for Faith. As a parent myself, my heart ached throughout the book for this family that has been ripped apart. Sometimes, I honestly had to stop reading simply because I was so saddened by the plight they were in, but I always came back, because I just had to know what happened next. The book seems plausible enough, though Faith seems a bit reckless in this book, but nothing overly crazy. I understood in this one that she is a Mom who is just trying to get her kiddos back to safety.

I gave Outrage 3-stars, though, because, in this book, Faith seemed to take quite a few unnecessary risks in the name of getting her kids back. I just kept thinking at those times that if she kept on doing some of these things, her kids might not have ANY parent to come back to, because she was going to get herself killed too. Don’t get me wrong…I get that she is, by this time, even more desperate to have her kids back. But she is far from alone in her search, yet she acts sometimes as if she doesn’t care for help and can just handle things on her own, which gets her into heaps of trouble. My other problem with this book was that the writing lacked the polish that the first book had. It’s hard to explain, but I suppose the closest way to describe it is that it was a little bit cheesy at times.

Overall, as two-thirds of a trilogy (book 3, Wrath, is expected to be published on March 14, 2017), I’d recommend the books. The books deal with human trafficking, and may not be appropriate for all audiences. They are somewhat graphic in a couple places, but not explicitly so. As far as opening the reader’s eyes to the fact that human trafficking is a problem and a very large and real problem, this trilogy has certainly done that without being preachy.

I am looking forward to reading Wrath so that I can find out how things wrap up for all these characters. I certainly have developed a fondness for the characters in the trilogy, and I am eager to know if things wrap up nicely for them or not.


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