Review: Juliet’s Answer, by Glenn Dixon

I would like to thank Gallery Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

When I saw this book come available on NetGalley, I was aware of the Secretaries of Juliet in Verona, Italy, but only from the 2010 movie Letters to Juliet. So I was rather excited to see a nonfiction book by someone who had been there and answered letters from people. (By the way, Juliet’s Answer and Letters to Juliet are two entirely separate entities about the same basic subject.) My imagination was sparked several years ago by Letters to Juliet, but I never really considered it anything but a movie that I liked, though I knew it was about something real at its heart. Seeing this book, I knew I was going to learn about the real experience, and that was pretty exciting to me.

Glenn’s experience in Verona was quite interesting, I thought. Most of the book deals with his experiences as a Secretary of Juliet, his time as a teacher, and his experiences around Verona. I often felt as if I were there at the table with him, answering letters to folks who had written to Juliet. I also felt as if I were in his classroom, watching the banter between his students as they studied Romeo and Juliet. I did not feel the book come to life quite as much for me when he was at the opera, or just out and about around Verona. But, he does have a few pictures on his website that you can take a peek at for a small glimpse into the beauty that the city seems to possess. Included among the pictures is the statue of Juliet, in the courtyard, that he speaks of often in the book.

By the time I was through with this book, I had looked at the website for the Juliet Club, where you can mail a letter to Juliet if you wish, which can be found here. I was looking for more information on how to write a letter of my own to Juliet, though I ultimately decided that I probably wouldn’t. But, if you read the book and decide that you would like to write a letter of your own to Juliet (or if you just want to write your own letter regardless), you can find the information on how to do so at the website referenced above.

I don’t read a lot of nonfiction books, to be honest, because most of them do not come alive for me the way that fiction books do…mostly because they are often fairly dry to read. I did not find that to be the case with Juliet’s Answer at all. As I said before, it did not come to life perfectly the whole way through, but I still felt engaged and interested the whole way through the book, and much of it came to life in a way that most nonfiction books do not for me. I often FELT like I was reading a fiction book, and in fact, did a quick check at NetGalley to be sure that I had read the description correctly, and that it was actually nonfiction.

Overall, I feel this book is highly deserving of 4 stars. I had a very enjoyable time reading it, and I intend to seek out other books by Glenn Dixon in the future.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I am never compensated for my reviews.



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