It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #1

Its Monday What Are You Reading GWB

This book meme comes from The Book Date. The idea is that you can share what you have been, are and are planning to read, as well as share your link to your post on their blog and find the blog posts of others who have also linked up. A great way to find new bookish blogs.

What I Read Last Week GWB

Difficult Women Roxane Gay

I did not enjoy anything about this book and decided to DNF it at 30%. Rather than being about “difficult women,” I found the women in this story to be largely abused or in other difficult situations that perhaps led them to be “difficult” as a survival mechanism. However, there was no compassion for the women that I was able to sense in the writing for the women in the stories.

Funny Girl Nick Hornby

I found Funny Girl to be a bit plodding in parts, but overall an interesting glimpse into what the world of television MAY be like. Even if it’s just a completely fictional look at what goes on behind the scenes, it still made a lot of sense and was written so that it didn’t drag TOO much as it went through the series of the television show. Plus, the characters were interesting enough that I wanted to keep reading just to find out how things worked out for them in the end.

Night Film Marisha Pessl

My complete review for Night Film can be found HERE, but I will say now that this was a crazy book. I almost feel like I need to read it at least one more time just so I can read it while I already know what is going to happen, and then maybe I’ll catch more details and gain a better understanding this time around. This one definitely is reread material in the future.

What I'm Reading Now GWB


Royal Flush Rhys Bowen Audiobook


Royal Flush is book 3 in the Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen. I am listening to the audiobook version, and I only have about an hour left to go, so I anticipate finishing it this week sometime.



Shatter Me Tahereh Mafi


I just started this one last night, and it is a reread for me, but I first read it several years ago. And, it seems to be moving pretty quickly, so I think this will only take me a couple of days at the most depending on how much reading time I get.

Up Next GWB

Unravel Me is book 2 in the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi, and Ignite Me is book 3. I don’t know if I will get to both of them this week, but I have all 3 of the books that are currently out in the series checked out from the library, so they have top priority on my TBR right now.

I hope that you enjoyed this meme…I decided that I need to start being a bit more interactive with my blog, so I’m going to start out with this meme every Monday and see how it goes, and then I will be on the lookout for at least one more meme to post up weekly as well. 


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