It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #3

Its Monday What Are You Reading GWB

This book meme comes from The Book Date. The idea is that you can share what you have been, are and are planning to read, as well as share your link to your post on their blog and find the blog posts of others who have also linked up. A great way to find new bookish blogs.

What I Read Last Week GWB

At the time of this writing, nothing! I’ve been in something of a reading slump, so while I’ve BEEN reading, I haven’t FINISHED anything for awhile. As you will see, I have a couple of really good books that I’m into, but between the reading slump and kind of a general lack of time to do extra reading, I haven’t had time to really finish anything up.

What I'm Reading Now GWB


Remember When Nora Roberts JD Robb
Remember When by Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb

I’ve been reading this one for awhile now, and I’m getting through it, slowly but surely. I’m now into the second half, with Eve and Roark and Peabody. I’m really, really impressed with the second half, too, because it is #17.5 of the In Death series, and quite often, in my experience, authors just throw in a story that is unrelated to anything that came before the novella and then don’t continue it on after the novella…making for a stand-alone novella only. In this case, though, J.D. Robb has continued on with the basics of life for the main characters from Imitation in Death, which is #17, as well as making the story a continuation of the first part of the book. I’m really impressed with the book as a whole, and I just wish that I had more time to read it.


Sugar Skulls Lisa Mantchev and Glenn Dallas
Sugar Skulls by Lisa Mantchev, Glenn Dallas

I’m listening to Sugar Skulls on Audible, and I’m liking it. Audiobooks are always a slow experience for me because I listen while I’m doing the dishes or the laundry or while I’m on the bus, but I don’t mind. This book is narrated by Scott Merriman, who takes Micah’s voice, and Kate Rudd who takes Vee’s voice. Initially, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the job either of them was doing, but they have definitely grown on me as the story progressed, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way…they ARE Vee and Micah for me.


How to Start a Fire Lisa Lutz
How to Start a Fire by Lisa Lutz

I’m a huge fan of Lisa Lutz’s Spellmans series, so I’m pretty much willing to give anything she writes a chance. I’m not liking this book as much as The Spellmans, but it’s definitely worth the deal I got on it for the Kindle version.

Up Next GWB

As usual, this is pretty much up in the air. I like surprises and I like having the freedom to read whatever strikes my fancy. We’ll discover this together!

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