#TheReadingQuest Sign Up


This is my official sign-up post for #TheReadingQuest, hosted by Aentee at Read At Midnight. This Quest runs from Sunday, August 13th to Sunday, September 10th, 2017. Sign-ups are available until August 13th, 2017 at Aentee’s page, linked above. Also, please see the link to Aentee’s page above for all the information and rules for this Quest. There are too many for me to post here, so I’ll just be referring you all there. However, it’s well worth checking out, especially if you’re into gaming and reading…and mixing them together.

I made a character card for myself, which I am displaying below. The character art used both in the bingo card above and in my character card were done by CW at Read, Think, Ponder. Please, if you use the character art, provide a link back to the artist.

#TheReadingQuest Character Sheet 1

As you can see, I am going for the Knight Class so I will be starting on the Knight’s path at the top of the board and working my way over to the Bard’s path. I am mostly using books that I already have for this Quest so that A) I have them at my fingertips and don’t have to try and borrow them from the library or search them down otherwise and B) so that I just have additional motivation to read some of my unread books on my shelves at home.

Here is my TBR list for the Knight’s path:

  1. The First Book of a Series: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  2. A Book With a Verb in its Title: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
  3. A Book With a Weapon on its Cover: Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab
  4. A Book With a Red Cover: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
  5. A Book That Has a TV/Movie Adaptation: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Here is my TBR list for the Bard’s path:

  1. A Fairy Tale Retelling: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire
  2. A Book Cover With Striking Typography: Caraval by Stephanie Garber
  3. A Book Translated from Another Language: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
  4. A Banned Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

I am going to keep track of my EXP and Health, but I’m not going to participate in the overall challenge to try and win a prize. I’m just more interested in the fun of seeing how much experience and health I can obtain throughout the month for my character.

Also, I will post weekly updates for this Quest on Sundays so that you guys can see my progress and so I have a record of my progress.


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