Review: One Second After, by William R. Forstchen

GWB - 4 Stars

This is not my first time reading this book, though I do recall being slightly more impressed by the book the first time around. However, I still feel appropriately worried about the possibility that this book presents regarding the EMP attack by an unknown country. Especially given our current relations with North Korea.

For anyone who does not know, an EMP is an Electro Magnetic Pulse, which disables all electronics within range of where it is set off. So, in this book, the community is left with only very old technology that they are able to after awhile, scrounge together, as well as older model vehicles without computer technology. Lack of food, medications and sanitary water quickly become a problem, and as you can imagine, things start to go very bad very quickly.

One thing that I like about this book is that it does address more issues than any other post-apocalyptic book that I’ve ever read. Issues such as the elderly in nursing homes, and those with conditions that, if not properly treated with medications, might not be able to survive. And, even, mental illnesses that are not able to be properly treated anymore due to a lack of proper medication.

There are, admittedly, issues with this book, including, for me, the fact that the book seemed a bit too formal in the way that the characters conversed with each other to be taken realistically. And, there were an awful lot of military characters all gathered in one place, which strikes me as convenient for the story more than perhaps completely realistic.

Overall, though, I still find this book as important a read as I originally did, if only to make people aware of what COULD happen, whether it actually ever does or not.


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