Review: Artemis, by Andy Weir

GWB - 3 Stars (2)

Artemis started out really solid for me. I enjoyed the character building and the introduction of the fictional Moon city, Artemis.

Then, we got into the exciting part of the story, and I was enthralled for a bit. Jazz, the main character, is a smuggler in Artemis and takes an opportunity to make 1 million slugs (Artemisian currency) by performing an act of sabotage.

And, surprisingly, that’s where the story started to lose appeal for me. Somehow, what should have been really exciting was just sort of “meh” to me, and even Jazz seemed to lose her appeal. Now, don’t get me wrong – I adore a strong, capable, smart female character. But Jazz just started to seem unbelievably perfect at everything and a bit too good to be true. Especially because she decided to ignore all her abilities and smarts early on to become a porter and smuggler. Doing those jobs (particularly the porter job) does not make a person less than. However, it is repeatedly pointed out throughout the book that she can understand chemistry and physics with no problem and perform perfect welds. It just made her feel unbalanced to me.

So, overall, this book gets 3 stars from me, because while the storyline was essentially pretty interesting, it was not a gripping read throughout, and Jazz was a bit too perfect to be believable after awhile.


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