Let’s Talk About Spreadsheets

Happy New Year fellow readers!

I hope that 5 days in everyone is feeling pleased with their reading progress so far, whatever that may be. I love this time of year because no matter how bogged down I felt at the end of December, somehow the SECOND the clock switches to midnight on January 1st, it is like my reading slate has been wiped clean, and the possibilities are endless. I don’t participate in traditional New Year’s resolutions anymore, because I just end up setting myself up for failure, but I LOVE setting reading goals.

And my other favorite thing to start fresh is a spreadsheet to track details in regards to my reading. Just today, I found one that I am really enjoying after having played around with it for an hour or so this morning. Joce over at SquibblesReads linked THIS ONE, which was created by Brock Roberts over at Let’s Read.

The spreadsheet is extremely customizable and pretty user-friendly. There are LOTS of interesting stats available based on input into the spreadsheet both on a monthly and yearly basis if you are into that kind of thing. There are also sheets included for tracking series, acquired books and new releases if you so desire to utilize them.

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