Book Bingo 2018!

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again, and I am rolling out my bingo board for Book Bingo 2018! I completely reformatted the board for this year, and I added some different squares to keep things interesting. 

(All I ask is that the board stay attributed to me because I put a lot of work into it.)

The Grand World of Books Book Bingo 2018 - Squares Filled In

As with last year, there really are no rules of play. It’s up to you as the reader whether you want to try for just one bingo or to black out the board…or something in between. Or…just chose your favorite spaces and read for fun with the board as a guide. This is not meant to be stressful, but to be a fun game to enhance your reading. A couple of notes: 1) For the square that says “A Book that Made You Cry” – this does not need to be taken literally. It can also be just a book that made you feel sad or emotional. 2) For the square that says “A Book that Made You Angry” – again, we’re looking for strong emotions here, whether you’re mad at the author, the book, the characters, etc. 

Other than that, if you’d like to comment on this post with a link to your sign-up post if you’re going to join, I will work this year on a sticky post that has all the links to blogs that are participating, and I’ll just keep adding links as the information rolls in to me. I really enjoyed seeing how many people were into it for 2017, and I’m excited to run a 2nd year of book bingo! Adding your link is optional, though, so if you’d rather not share, that’s fine as well.

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